Welcome to California Peptides

We are the premier supplier of American made research peptides throughout the world. While many other suppliers claim their products are made in the USA and offer no proof, we are completely transparent and stand alone in this field.

Peptides are just now starting to receive the attention they deserve and accordingly, the industry is booming. With greater demand comes an influx of new distributors and fly by night operations that are a strong contrast to everything we stand for here at California Peptides. Nothing on our site was synthesized, sourced, or packaged overseas. As you should expect from a company named California Peptides, all of our products come right here from Southern California.

When considering which research peptides to purchase, we strongly believe that the consumer should look for quality, purity, sterility, and bio-availability. Our prices are competitive with inferior products that are sourced in China and unlike the competition we provide lot numbers which are traceable to the lab so we can track every batch that is produced. Our quality control is of the utmost importance and professionalism.

We are always developing new products to bring to the research community so check back often.

Thanks from all of us at CALIFORNIA PEPTIDES